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About Us

Marvin Green

A father, leader and entrepreneur. A multifaceted creator. His passions are his family, entrepreneurship and his legacy.

"I hope 732 will be a way to reach impoverished children and change a generation. My contributions should provide opportunities for them to cultivate and express there ideas into a reality."


Tanya Lewis
Tiffanie Lewis

An author, speaker and corporate executive in a Fortune 500 company. As a native of Flint, Michigan, she is passionate about young people, especially young ladies, having global exposure and access to an array of employment and travel opportunities. She believes that "the world is our home" and exposure to what it has to offer will enrich the lives of young people personally and professionally. 


"I will support 732 in ways that ensure solvency and she will work to see the organization  consistently provide programs that offer families opportunities to eat well, work well and live well."

She likes doing different things, but enjoys most doing other things. She lives in America, sometimes. Nina writes lots of stories, some of them are not true but, most of them are. She talks to lots of people. Many times, she doesn’t know what she will say when she is given a microphone, but when she talks, people listen.  She likes to help people live better and so she makes them uncomfortable; they say, “Thank you.” She is many things as an artist but simply put, unapologetically proud to be crazy. She loves God and thanks him for trusting her to be different.


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